‘Facing the Truth’ is the most powerful step you need to take if you really want to change a way of living. During our entire life we are stuck in habits that are extremely hard to change: from an unhealthy lifestyle, to an unbalanced work-life rhythm, to unhappy professional or private relationships. 

Drastically improving your performance is simple if you take into consideration the ideas below. Think like an athlete where training beyond your limits (=stress), rituals and recovery are the most important factors for success.

  1. Energy has four dimensions: body, emotions, mind and spirit. Each one is necessary, but no single one is sufficient.
  2. Face the truth: it’s not because people around you work like machines in a certain rhythm that this rhythm fits you. Find out what are your most important sources of energy in terms of activities, people, surroundings and recovery. Read more on how to find out what you really want.
  3. The four dimensions work in the same way like a muscle. This means stress is a good thing. Building recovery rituals into your routines is key to make the muscle grow. Positive habits create energy; negative habits waste energy.
  4. A positive ritual is a behavior that becomes automatic over time-fueled by some deeply held value. Read more how self-control works.

Based on the principles above, I drastically changed my evening and morning rituals leading to spectacular results. I found out recovery rituals made me more focused an energized: like planning one remote day per week (eg. working in another city), having a midweek kite or sailing evening session, reading 10 min before sleep, and limiting weekend work etc

Watch the summary of the entire book below.

Concept: Full Engagement
Book: The Power of Full Engagement
Author: Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz
Category: Self Development; Entrepreneurship
Rating: 8/10